pinpoint HD media   

Our Screen System 

We install a complete, turnkey system that includes a commercial Hi-Def screen that is custom-mounted on the wall in high-traffic area of lobbies. Full sound is targeted to only be heard in the area right in front of the screen, a "cone of sound" that is pinpointed to reach the viewer, not the employees in the entire lobby.

The side-bar of our screen is real-time Internet and our host lobby personnel can update it with pertinent information about meetings, events, special offers, and welcome greetings.

The bottom of our screen features a real-time Internet ticker that can be used for current weather and forecasts, sports news, and road conditions.

Both the bottom and side-bar of our screens "refresh" every hour, thus giving real-time information that is easy to format and always relevant to the traveler.

These screen sections are easily updated on any computer via a website and can be changed either on-site or at a remote central location.

The video and still ads play on a 42" commercial wall screen that is Hi Def, ensuring that the colors are fresh, vibrant, and as sharp as a Pinpoint!

Sound is targeted in an embedded speaker system that delivers the message directly in front of the screen, so that only the viewer directly in front of the screen can hear. Your message is considerate of your employees.

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