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Frequently Asked Questions

How often would my ad appear in an hour? Between 4-8 times an hour, 24/7!

What lengths are the commercials?  We can format :60, :30, :45, :15, and still frame ads that are :05 seconds in length.

What is the cost? Price will vary in different markets, based on length of the commercial, whether the ads are seen in the lobby and the rooms, or just the lobby, or just the room. Prices are based per property location, billed monthly, in one-year contracts. At 5,000 impressions a month, priced at pennies per airing!

Where are Pinpoint HD systems installed? In hotels in Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Sevierville TN. Coming soon in Nashville, TN. Also in St. Louis and Phoenix. Stay tuned for additional markets!

How often can I change my ad? Free of charge once a month, a small service fee of $25 per additional changes.

What format do I use and how is it supplied? We take MPEG formats and can assist you in converting a video into our format. Simply upload your ad to our FTP site online and send us an email - and we'll add it to the lineup asap!

What if I don't have a video commercial - how can I participate? We have very affordably resources to help you quickly produce an effective commercial. Also - we can take a simple JPEG picture and produce an effective still frame ad for you for only $30 per ad!

I have a location that would be perfect for your screen - what are the specifics? We'd be happy to work with you - and we always give our hosts "veto" power over advertisers selected for their properties. We hire the best commercial installers and provide timely maintenance as needed. Call us!





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