pinpoint HD media   

Our Formats have Flexibility


We use commercials in a digital or MPEG format and we can convert your Beta SP video into our format. Lengths Available: 1:00, :45, :30, :15.


Or provide us with a beautiful still shot and we'll produce an :05 commercial still that is effective and affordable!


Our Medium is Local

Guests will gather around our screen in the lobby and look for it immediately in the room because here's where they can get the latest info on WEATHER, ROAD CLOSURES, SPECIAL EVENTS in the area.


Our host locations can update their information on the screen frequently, since it "refreshes" every hour!


Self-Promote In-House

Here's a great opportunity for the hosting location to self-promote any special offers for repeat business or "what's special" in their place of business that particular day!   Our side panel and ticker at the bottom of the screen are locally controlled by the hosting property.


Our Screens are Guests in their Host Properties

Host properties have complete veto power over the advertising that appears in their lobbies, welcome areas, and rooms. We provide advertising sales force and offer a royalty to our hosts.

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